NESSi  v1.0.2
The NonEquilibrium Systems Simulation Library
cntr::function< T > Member List

This is the complete list of members for cntr::function< T >, including all inherited members.

Bcast_timestep(int tstp, int root)cntr::function< T >
cplx typedefcntr::function< T >
data_cntr::function< T >
function()cntr::function< T >
function(int nt, int size1=1)cntr::function< T >
function(int nt, int size1, int size2)cntr::function< T >
function(const function &f)cntr::function< T >
function(function &&f) noexceptcntr::function< T >
get_matrixelement(int i1, int i2, function< T > &g)cntr::function< T >
get_value(int tstp, EigenMatrix &M) constcntr::function< T >
incr(function< T > &g, T weight=1.0)cntr::function< T >
left_multiply(cplx *f, T weight=1.0)cntr::function< T >
left_multiply(function< T > &f, T weight=1.0)cntr::function< T >
nt(void) constcntr::function< T >inline
nt_cntr::function< T >
operator=(const function &f)cntr::function< T >
operator=(function &&f) noexceptcntr::function< T >
operator[](int t)cntr::function< T >inline
operator[](int t) constcntr::function< T >inline
print_to_file(const char *file, int precision=16) constcntr::function< T >
ptr(int t)cntr::function< T >inline
ptr(int t) constcntr::function< T >inline
read_from_file(const char *file)cntr::function< T >
read_from_file(int nt1, const char *file)cntr::function< T >
read_from_hdf5(hid_t group_id)cntr::function< T >
read_from_hdf5(hid_t group_id, const char *groupname)cntr::function< T >
read_from_hdf5(const char *filename, const char *groupname)cntr::function< T >
read_from_hdf5(int nt1, hid_t group_id)cntr::function< T >
read_from_hdf5(int nt1, hid_t group_id, const char *groupname)cntr::function< T >
read_from_hdf5(int nt1, const char *filename, const char *groupname)cntr::function< T >
resize(int nt, int size1)cntr::function< T >
right_multiply(cplx *f, T weight=1.0)cntr::function< T >
right_multiply(function< T > &f, T weight=1.0)cntr::function< T >
set_constant(cplx *f0)cntr::function< T >
set_constant(EigenMatrix &M)cntr::function< T >
set_matrixelement(int tstp, int i1, int i2, EigenMatrix &M, int j1, int j2)cntr::function< T >
set_matrixelement(int i1, int i2, function &g, int j1, int j2)cntr::function< T >
set_value(int tstp, EigenMatrix &M)cntr::function< T >
set_value(int tstp, cplx x)cntr::function< T >
set_zero(void)cntr::function< T >
size1(void) constcntr::function< T >inline
size1_cntr::function< T >
size2(void) constcntr::function< T >inline
size2_cntr::function< T >
smul(T weight)cntr::function< T >
total_size_cntr::function< T >
write_to_hdf5(hid_t group_id) constcntr::function< T >
write_to_hdf5(hid_t group_id, const char *groupname) constcntr::function< T >
write_to_hdf5(const char *filename, const char *groupname) constcntr::function< T >
~function()cntr::function< T >