NESSi  v1.0.2
The NonEquilibrium Systems Simulation Library

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template<typename T >
void cntr::function< T >::read_from_hdf5 ( hid_t  group_id)

Read the function data from a hdf5 file


Read the function data from a hdf5 file. The file is probably written by write_to_hdf5 method, or is assumed to have the same format.


the group_id of the hdf5 data

Definition at line 925 of file cntr_function_impl.hpp.

Referenced by cntr::function< T >::read_from_hdf5().

925  {
926  // -- Read dimensions
927  int nt = read_primitive_type<int>(group_id, "nt");
928  int size1 = read_primitive_type<int>(group_id, "size1");
929  this->resize(nt, size1);
930  if (nt > -2) {
931  hsize_t data_size = (nt + 2) * element_size_;
932  read_primitive_type_array(group_id, "data", data_size, this->data_);
933  }
934 }
int size1(void) const
void resize(int nt, int size1)
Resize the time length and/or matrix dimension of a square-matrix function
cplx * data_
Pointer to the function in the Matrix form on the real-time axis ( ) ; &#39;data_+ element_size&#39; corresp...
int nt(void) const
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