NESSi  v1.0.2
The NonEquilibrium Systems Simulation Library

◆ set_value() [2/2]

template<typename T >
template<class EigenMatrix >
void cntr::function< T >::set_value ( int  tstp,
cplx  x 

Set scalar value at a specific time point


Set scalar value at a specific time point. The value is assumed to be a complex number.


the time step to be set


the new complex value of function at time step tstp.

Definition at line 356 of file cntr_function_impl.hpp.

356  {
357  int i1, i2;
358  cplx *ft;
359  assert(1 == size1_);
360  assert(1 == size2_);
361  *ptr(tstp) =x;
362 }
int size2_
Number of the rows in the Matrix form.
int size1_
Number of the colums in the Matrix form.
std::complex< T > cplx