NESSi  v1.0.2
The NonEquilibrium Systems Simulation Library

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template<typename T >
void cntr::herm_matrix_timestep< T >::read_from_hdf5 ( hid_t  group_id)

Read herm_matrix_timestep from hdf5 group given by group_id


Read herm_matrix_timestep from the hdf5 group given by group_id. Note, the green's function is resized before implementing a routine from herm_matrix_timestep_view. Works for scalar or square-matrix contour objects.


Group ID of the hdf5 file to read from

Definition at line 2840 of file cntr_herm_matrix_timestep_impl.hpp.

References cntr::herm_matrix_timestep_view< T >::read_from_hdf5().

2840  {
2841 // -- implementation is different from herm_matrix_timestep_view, because G can be resized:
2842  int tstp = read_primitive_type<int>(group_id, "tstp");
2843  int ntau = read_primitive_type<int>(group_id, "ntau");
2844  int sig = read_primitive_type<int>(group_id, "sig");
2845  int size1 = read_primitive_type<int>(group_id, "size1");
2846 // RESIZE G
2847  this->resize(tstp, ntau, size1);
2848  sig_ = sig;
2849  herm_matrix_timestep_view<T> tmp(*this);
2850  tmp.read_from_hdf5(group_id);
2851 }
void resize(int nt, int ntau, int size1)
Resizes herm_matrix_timestep object with respect to the number of points on the Matsubara branch and...
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