NESSi  v1.0.2
The NonEquilibrium Systems Simulation Library

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template<typename T >
void get_ret ( const int  i,
const int  j,
cdmatrix &  G_ret,
herm_matrix_timestep_view< T > &  G 

Returns the retarded component of a hermitian contour function at given times.


Returns the retarded component \( G^\mathrm{R}(t_i,t_j) \) at given times \( t_i\) and \( t_j\). We assume \(G^\mathrm{R}(t_i,t_j)\) can be analytically continued to \( j > i\), for which the hermitian conjugate \(G^\ddagger\) is used.


[int] Index of time \( t_i\) .


[int] Index of time \( t_j\) .


[cdmatrix] The retarded component (returned to an eigen3 matrix).


[herm_matrix_timestep_view] Contour function G

Definition at line 677 of file cntr_getset_herm_matrix_timestep_view_inc.hpp.

References get_ret().

677  {
678  get_ret(i, j, G_ret, G, G);
679 }
void get_ret(const int i, const int j, std::complex< T > &G_ret, herm_matrix_timestep_view< T > &G, herm_matrix_timestep_view< T > &Gcc)
Returns the retarded component of a general contour function at given times.
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