NESSi  v1.0.2
The NonEquilibrium Systems Simulation Library
cntr_herm_matrix_timestep_view_decl.hpp File Reference

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class  cntr::function< T >
  Class function for objects \( f(t) \) with time on real axis. More...
class  cntr::herm_matrix< T >
  Class herm_matrix for two-time contour objects \( C(t,t') \) with hermitian symmetry. More...
class  cntr::herm_matrix_timestep< T >
  Class herm_matrix_timestep deals with contour objects \( C(t,t') \) at a particular timestep \(t'\). More...
class  cntr::herm_matrix_timestep_view< T >
  Class herm_matrix_timestep_view serves for interfacing with class herm_matrix_timestep without copying the data. More...