NESSi  v1.0.2
The NonEquilibrium Systems Simulation Library

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template<typename T >
T cntr::distance_norm2 ( int  tstp,
herm_matrix< T > &  g1,
herm_matrix< T > &  g2 

Evaluate the Euclidean norm between two herm_matrix at a given time step.


Evaluate the Euclidean norm between twoherm_matrix ( \(g_1,g_2\)) at a given time step (tstp). To evaluate the norm, the elements of retarded, lesser and left-mixing components at the time step is used. The norm is not normalized per elements, but it is the summention of all the elements.


[int]time step





Definition at line 1621 of file cntr_utilities_impl.hpp.

References cntr::herm_matrix< T >::nt(), cntr::herm_matrix< T >::ntau(), and cntr::herm_matrix< T >::size1().

1621  {
1622  assert(g1.size1() == g2.size1());
1623  assert(g1.ntau() == g2.ntau());
1624  assert(g1.nt() >= tstp);
1625  assert(g2.nt() >= tstp);
1626  if (g1.size1() == 1)
1627  return distance_norm2_dispatch<T, herm_matrix<T>, 1>(tstp, g1, g2);
1628  else
1629  return distance_norm2_dispatch<T, herm_matrix<T>, LARGESIZE>(tstp, g1,
1630  g2);
1631 }
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