NESSi  v1.0.2
The NonEquilibrium Systems Simulation Library

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template<typename T >
T cntr::distance_norm2 ( int  tstp,
herm_matrix_timestep_view< T > &  g1,
herm_matrix_timestep_view< T > &  g2 

Evaluate the Euclidean norm between a herm_matrix_timestep_view and herm_matrix_timestep_view at a given time step.


Evaluate the Euclidean norm between of a herm_matrix_timestep_view \(g_1\) and a herm_matrix_timestep_view ( \(g_2\)) at a given time step (tstp). To evaluate the norm, the elements of retarded, lesser and left-mixing components at the time step is used. The norm is not normalized per elements, but it is the summention of all the elements.


time step





Definition at line 1904 of file cntr_utilities_impl.hpp.

References cntr::herm_matrix_timestep_view< T >::ntau(), cntr::herm_matrix_timestep_view< T >::size1(), and cntr::herm_matrix_timestep_view< T >::tstp().

1904  {
1905  assert(g1.size1() == g2.size1());
1906  assert(g1.ntau() == g2.ntau());
1907  assert(g1.tstp() == tstp);
1908  assert(g2.tstp() == tstp);
1909  if (g1.size1() == 1)
1910  return distance_norm2_dispatch<T, 1>(tstp, g1, g2);
1911  else
1912  return distance_norm2_dispatch<T, LARGESIZE>(tstp, g1, g2);
1913 }
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